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How it works

We bring the water & cleaning products. You can do something
else while our team cleans your car. Call 076-355-042 to find out.

Step 1

You call us and arrange your appointment to have your car cleaned at your place at the time you desire. We will bring the water & cleaning products.

Step 2

Our team arrives at your place and cleans your car, inside & outside. We put the water & cleaning products so you can SAVE TIME.

Step 3

You pay our team with the appropriate amount of money and fill-out a short form with your feedback to help us serve you better in the future.

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Car Wash Pricing

Here are the prices for each kind of vehicle and what a car wash includes.

Note: Click on the car size to find out in what category your car fits-in.

S - 349฿


M - 379฿


L - 399฿


XS - XL?

  • Truck/Van or Other?
  • 3-wheel or Motorcycle?
  • Monthly subscription?
  • We Have Special Prices


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Note: The -50% discount applies to new customers only.

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